Camera Perp

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creative commons use from burnt pixel

Last summer, my friend and I were sitting in the park behind the Smithsonian museum (the one that looks like a castle). We were chatting, and she was feeding her 1 year old son who was in his stroller in front of us — we were on a bench. It was a hot day, so we were on one of the only benches that was in the shade and noticed a man come and sit down across from us in the blaring sun on a bench across from us, about 6 feet away. I thought it was strange because it was just so hot in the sun, I wondered why anyone would be sitting there. He looked as though he could have been a tourist with a nice camera and a sun hat. Then I noticed that he had a camera out on the bench in between his legs and was somewhat discretely taking pictures up our skirts. My friend and I quickly told him that he was disgusting, and moved the stroller between the man and us. He got up and left. But we were both really offended.

submitted by CEM


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