Concrete Diaries

One of the goals of Hollaback DC is to highlight the work activist are doing to raise awareness and end street harassment.  Each month we will feature the work that activist are doing in DC and across the U.S.

Our first feature is on Nijla and Monique who have been working to film a documentary on street harassment.   Back Up!  is a  ” feature length documentary that explores how women deal with this daily violence.  It will especially look at how women are fighting back and defining their own personal and public spaces.  The documentary adds to a bustling dialogue on gender and body politics, as it delves into women’s rights to exist freely in society.”

Please watch the official trailer now and stay tuned for our interview with Nijla and Monique later this month.

If you have any questions please contact PLEASE contact Nijla Mumin at


5 responses to “Concrete Diaries

  1. This looks great. Can’t wait for it to come out – will it be soon? Thanks for letting us know about this!

  2. Monique Hazeur

    BACK UP! is a work in progress. We are still getting footage and doing research. We will definitely keep the Holla Back community informed of future screenings in a city near you. Also, anyone interested in being interviewed or who may have contacts for us, please email me at or Nijla Mumin at Thank you!

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