Safe Ride Home? Think Again.

I was headed home from a friend’s house in Alexandria early Saturday morning- around 1:45 a.m.  I live in D.C. proper, but didn’t feel like taking the long Metro ride from Franconia to my home station, so I shortened my trip by getting off at Foggy Bottom and catching a cab.  I figured it would be both shorter and safer than continuing to take the train and then walking to my apartment by myself.

photo by poopface_productions

photo by poopface_productions

The cabbie and I were at a stoplight at the corner of M and 22nd, by the Exxon station, when this guy came out of nowhere and stuck his face my cab window.  He was young – early twenties – and probably drunk.  My cabbie just started to ask me what the hell this guy wanted when the kid opened the door and tried to get into the seat next to me.  I screamed no and slammed the door shut, hoping he’d get the picture and just go away.

Instead, the kid looked angry, almost enraged, and opened the door again.  Once more, I strangled the door from his grasp – thank God he was drunk and weak – told him to get the fuck away, shut the door, and LOCKED it.  The guy made one last go for the door to find himself trapped outside the cab.  He snarled at me through the window, slurring, “You’re a slut.”

I told him to fuck off as the light changed and the cab took off.  Thankfully, my cabbie, who had also yelled at the invader to get the hell out of the taxi, was sympathetic toward me and disgusted at the kid, so he received a nice tip upon delivering me home safely.

It didn’t hit me until later what a frightening situation this was.  I’ve never had a problem like this in Washington before.  Certainly I’ve come across a few guys who’ve made comments about my appearance, but nothing worse than a passing “Looking good!” as I’ve walked by – just brief, tame stuff that I’ve found amusing.  I’ve also traveled with and walked near some sketchy people, but everyone minded their own business and I never felt like I was in any immediate danger.  I don’t know what this guy wanted – something sexual, if he thought I was someone else – but I honestly believed he was going to do something to me.

Now I guess there’s nothing I can do but try to avoid traveling by myself at night and always lock the doors of a cab when I get in.

Thanks for letting me write to you guys.

– Anonymous


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