Beep, Beep

photo by FredoAlvarez

photo by FredoAlvarez

I use Rhode Island Avenue Metro to get to where I need to be in the mornings, and that Metro station is a haven for low-class harassers. I can’t go one day without being harassed by the men who are there, be it a “Girl, work it like a Top Model,” “Mm, sexy!” from a man old enough to be my grandfather, or lecherous looks.  Today’s incident was tame compared to the others, but still enough to be annoying.

I was walking to that Metro station this morning, and the driver of the H8 (bus #2147) headed that way beeps his horn at me to get my attention. I ignore him.

Closer into the Metro station, a passenger on that same bus sticks his head out the window and waves at me frantically while yelling, “Hey, girl!” loudly at me. I do not know this man nor do I want to get to know him, and everyone stopped to look at me as this fool was yelling to get my attention. It was embarrassing.

I wish these men would learn how pitiful, desperate and pathetic they come off when they do this.

Submitted by Anonymous

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