Uniform Harassment

I was in Georgetown yesterday evening, and after shopping at CVS I used 31st Street to get to Ben & Jerry’s for their Free Cone Day (because I hate walking down Wisconsin Avenue). Close to O and 31st, a cab driver beeps at me. I knew he was beeping at me because there was absolutely no traffic around at that moment. I tried to walk up to the cabbie and tell him that beeping at me like that was not cool, but I couldn’t catch up to him in time. So he gets to drive off scot-free while I have to internalize that.

After getting my free ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, at M & 31st I had to crouch down to pull my umbrella out of my bag since it started raining. A UPS driver was waiting at the light, and he had to say something to me:

“Ooh, girl! You don’t need to finish that all by yourself!”

Ugh! This man did not give a damn about his job.

When I told him that it was tacky and classless for him to hit on me in uniform, he started cracking up. Oh yes, sexual harassment is funny! (obvious sarcasm)

I am never one who takes harassment lightly, be it from a citizen or someone in uniform representing a company. While I couldn’t get the cabbie’s info, I did get the UPS driver’s license plate number: Maryland plates 21S 925. As soon as I got home I called UPS to report him, and the woman who took the info down was so sympathetic and apologetic and said she’d have someone get in touch with me in the morning.

Ladies, don’t let these men get away with harassment, and never feel bad about these men getting in trouble at work if you report them. If they cared about having jobs they wouldn’t feel the need to do this in the first place.

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3 responses to “Uniform Harassment

  1. good for you! it’s really gratifying to know at the very least someone’s going to be hearing from their boss.

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