“Hey, pretty lady, give me smile”

I am walking down 8th street (near G) in Eastern Market. A guy yells, “Hey, pretty lady, give me smile”. I don’t respond. He gets really close to me, points his figure a few inches from my face, and sternly says, “I said, give me a smile.” My heart skips a beat and I am a little frightened but I calmly reply, “Please get your finger out of my face”. He does and I keep walking.

Submitted by Anonymous

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3 responses to ““Hey, pretty lady, give me smile”

  1. Scary as that was, I’m glad you told him to get his nasty finger out of your face. That was brave of you.

    I can’t stand that these men walk around like the smile police. They don’t tell other men to smile. They act like women should jump at their beck and call.

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  3. I’ve started saying “look in the mirror” when a smile is demanded from me.

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