Beware of Roofies @ Asylum

We received this email earlier:

just found out that one of my friends was roofied at Assylum [sic] last weekend on saturday.  cops found her in an alley on Georgia Ave.  second roofie incident that i know of that’s happened to people we know in a few months.

Please be careful ladies. and you men too… seriously, how many times have we shared drinks…..

Note: Holla Back DC! has not corroborated the events indicated in the email. Regardless, please be careful when receiving a drink from anyone.

If you or a friend are sexually assaulted, please contact DC’s FREE and confidential hotline 202.333.RAPE for resources.


One response to “Beware of Roofies @ Asylum

  1. I was at asylum with a group of 25+ for a birthday party where my close friend went drink for drink with me then ALL OF A SUDDEN he blacks out and cant even stand up straight, meanwhile im completely coherent. He is no lightweight we’ve been drinking heavily for years, but that night he couldn’t even put words together.
    First off the bar was empty before we got there and the only reason we went in was because all the other bars in adams morgan had hour long lines. The birthday was for a girl I knew and there were a lot of attractive females in our group, my friend could have easily picked up the wrong shot/drink. The bartenders seemed to have an attitude towards us and we were treated as an annoyance the entire night. I guess their regulars were not too happy with a bunch of spill over college kids ruining their “rock and roll” night.

    Anyways my friend was completely incoherent and ended up passing out on my couch, pissing himself, and not remembering a single thing after gettin into the bar. At first we joked about him getting roofied but after some research, it seems like asylum is no stranger to these occurrences. All I got to say is if your goin to go in (to any bar), watch your glass and keep it close all night.

    Just found it interesting that this is not the first time its happened at asylum.

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