I’m Not for Sale

I’m walking up Harassment Hill to meet some friends for dinner and I’m talking on my cell phone. As soon as I get off my phone, a guy stops right in front of me and says “Damn girl, you’re fine. How much would it be for your body?” I cannot even believe my ears. Did this guy really just imply that he could buy my body? I give him my “don’t mess with me look” which prompts him to call me bitch. What the heck!?

Submitted by Anonymous

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2 responses to “I’m Not for Sale

  1. Golden Silence

    I wish I knew what went on in the heads of these men when they make these lewd comments.

    A year or so ago, I was walking through Dupont Circle and some old man was grinning ear to ear while shaking money at me, implying that I was a prostitute. I said “Fool, please!” and that grin turned into a scowl.

    These men seriously need to stop treating women as commodities they can purchase. Show us respect!

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