Wish I Was Wonder Woman

photo by Looking Glass via Flickr

photo by Looking Glass via Flickr

The constant rain seemed to make my commutes these past few days harassment-free, but I spoke too soon.

I was trying to walk home from Brookland Metro Station this evening, and this car (either dark green or black) was driving on the opposite side of the street. The driver yells “Hey, baby!” at me and stopped, waiting for a response. (He also blocked the car behind him.) I gave him a response:

“Don’t yell ‘Hey, baby!’ from your car at women you don’t know! That’s harassment!”

This man goes from 0 to 60, yelling “Ugly bitch!” at me three or four times, while I held my ground, continuing to tell him to “Stop harassing women!” (Funny how I go from being someone he wants to catcall to someone he wants to curse out in such a short period of time.)

When he got tired of calling me an “Ugly bitch!” he finally drove off, but not before I got his license plate number: MD plates 7AK L90.

I wish I had the strength of either Wonder Woman or She-Hulk, because I felt like picking up that car with brute strength and throwing it down roof-side up. But I’m only a normal everyday woman with no superhuman strength, so I had no choice but to carry home with me the anger I felt at that unwarranted exchange.

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2 responses to “Wish I Was Wonder Woman

  1. Call it in, you’ve got his plates. Verbal assault is assault.

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