Serial Thigh Grabber

It is 2:00am on Saturday and I am on the Green Line coming from China Town. I’m standing at the door waiting to get off at U Street and a young guy standing next to me, reaches over, grabs my inner thigh and squeezes it. I can’t believe what just happened. I look over at my boyfriend who is standing on the other side of me, not far behind and say very loudly, “This guy just grabbed my thigh.”

We exit the train and as we do, we see him grab anther woman’s thigh. We are both in shock. He walks past us on the escalator and my boyfriend grabs his arm and says, “I just watched you grab two women. You need to stop grabbing women.” The guy runs up the escalator and as we cross the street at 14th and U we see him grab another woman before he continues to run down U Street.

Submitted by Anonymous

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2 responses to “Serial Thigh Grabber

  1. Golden Silence

    Is this the same guy from yesterday’s story? This is getting out of hand! If anyone has a description of this/these thigh-grabbing guy(s), please post. We need to be on the lookout and get him arrested the next time he does this (hoping there isn’t a next time).

  2. The boyfriend should have tried to hold him there and gotten the cops. That’s just unbelievable – why do people think they have a right to behave like that?

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