Even at Night?!

I was exhausted last night. After leaving a late meeting, I was deciding which public transportation system to use: bus or metro. The Metro, although faster, meant more blocks to walk on a fairly abandoned part of town. The bus meant shorter blocks, more people waiting, but cramped space. My decision was made for me when I saw the bus.

I jumped on the S4 to Silver Spring. Due to this blog and other incidents, I now sit on the outside seat as I can grab more space if needed, as well as an “escape route” (i.e., I can get up if someone is annoying/smelly/taking up too much room). My bus ride was uneventful although it featured several teens yelling at each other, which I have concluded is the way teens talk. One of the boys decided to stick his finger up his, what I presumed to be, girlfriend’s nose and hold it there for at least 45 seconds. This brought a rift of laughter and screams of pain from the girl.

Needless to say, with my grumpiness and high heels, I was happy to get off the bus. I started walking to the corner of the street. From the other side of the street, someone was honking their horn. Of course curious, I look. To my dismay, this truck was honking at me. While I didn’t show any interest, the noise changed to yelling, “Senorita! Senorita!” followed by kissing sounds. Usually, if I respond, I respond using non-communicative signs (my middle finger). I just didn’t even want to engage at 9P. They kept yelling at me as I was walking up my street. I mean, even at night the honking and the yelling doesn’t end, does it?! Sigh.

Location: Eastern Avenue and 16th Streets

Submitted by CS

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