I’m Not Your Baby

I’m walking to meet a friend for lunch, and silly me, rather than change trains, I get off at Metro Center and walk to Chinatown. On my short walk, a man says, as I pass him, “How are you baby?” Ugh.

I’m so disgusted that I just keep walking. I’m not your baby. Would he want people to say that to his mom/wife/daughter?

Meanwhile, I’m thinking that if I wasn’t late for lunch I would have said something. I often wonder if my anger will translate into uselessly yelling at the verbal attacker or if I can calmly state what I know I should say…”Stop harassing women. I don’t like it. Nobody likes it. Show some respect.” Is it possible for people to just politely say hello?

Location:11th and G Streets NW

Submitted by JS

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One response to “I’m Not Your Baby

  1. Golden Silence

    And I hate how offended these men get when you tell them not to call you “baby.” It’s as if we’re their property and as if we don’t have the right to give ourselves our own labels.

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