Number Man

Why is it that we can’t just go to a bar to have a good time?

Photo by Kat... via Flickr

Photo by Kat... via Flickr

I was out with my friends this evening [HBDC! note: Friday evening] dancing and generally having a good time. At the first bar we went to, a guy started dancing with me. He said he didn’t want things to end after tonight and I said I was just out having fun. Apparently he took offense to this and said, “So, have I passed your test?” At the next bar we went to a similar situation occurred but this time the guy said I had disrespected him because I told him my friend and I were leaving (which we were) and that I did not want to give out my number. Because we did not immediately head for the door he thought I was being disrespectful and actually started arguing with one of the guys we came with.

Why is it that if a woman dances with a man she is expected even obligated to give him her number? Why do some guys feel that if you dance with them they have some claim over you? If a woman is interested in a man she will let him know. If she is not she will also let him know. Either way, no one should be pressured to give their number or any other personal information to someone they just met.

Location: Adams Morgan Bar Scene

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One response to “Number Man

  1. Great story once again. I am looking forward for more updates!

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