Makes Us Wonder…

We posted this on our Twitter: ‘got the following link from a tipster: http://www.howcanyoujustwalkaway.b… so not cool.’ yesterday.  Although not gender based public sexual harassment, we thought we could do a plug for a blog that is using online tools to take notice of a store front that may be prostituting.

If you click on the site, you will see several photos of men walking in and out of Jasmine Therapy.

Over the course of a few hours on a Saturday a steady stream of men, and only men, went to and from Jasmine. Given the internet reviews, this raises obvious questions, but I make no allegations. Because of the serious nature of this matter I have forwarded these photos and related information onto the DC police; however, I have no evidence that Jasmine or the men depicted in these photos in any way engaged in illegal activity. If they wish to leave a comment, or request removal of their photo, they may do so.

We Yelped it and tried to find other reviews but to no success.  And there is no website. For a spa in downtown DC, no reviews + website makes us highly suspect that something else is happening there.

For more information, check out the latest Washington Examiner article.


6 responses to “Makes Us Wonder…

  1. The link is broken, fyi.

    Thanks for the info, and keep up the great work on the site.

  2. Thank you! The link is updated.

  3. “Jasmine Therapy is located in downtown Washington DC. An internet search shows it to be listed and reviewd in detail on sites that promote the sexual abuse of women. The vast majority of women (and men) who work as prostitutes have been victims of sex abuse as children (as I detail in earlier posts) and are in situations that include severe addictions, depression and economic exploitation. ”

    This is from the site that you link to that hosts the project. I think this this assertion is problematic. Where are the citations? And if sex workers do indeed have histories of sexual abuse, what then? Does that somehow justify criminalizing them?

    I have posted two links to sites that offer an alternative view of sex workers and sex work. What I am most concerned about is that the site you’re supporting is sharing all of its information with the police. The second link I’ve provided notes that prostitution stings serve primarily to punish the sex workers, and almost never the clients. This is pretty problematic for a site that is interested in supporting the interests of women. Law enforcement also has a long and awful history of raping and otherwise abusing sex workers.

    • While we understand and support your concern and have worked hard in our professional lives to criminalize those who purchase sex rather than the sex workers, we do believe that many people think that sex working doesn’t happen in our area.

      While we post to other blogs, we do not endorse every thing on those blogs. We support the work in engaging people to understand human trafficking and sex work. And we appreciate your weblinks, including the one to HIPS. By no means are we indicating that the blog is the ONLY place and/or the most appropriate place to go to learn more about this important issue. If we gave that impression, we apologize.

      We hope that people start talking about sex work in a more holistic terms which includes NOT criminalizing those that engage in the work and finding other measures to address this global concern.

  4. Here is some information about HIPS – Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive. While they’re primarily focused on street prostitution, I think, they definitely have a lot of resources and information for local sex workers and about sex work in general.

  5. That website is creepy as hell.

    I have no idea what that place is, but for anyone who encourages this type of surveillance, I hope you enjoy it when someone snaps pictures of you walking out of a place they don’t approve of.

    It’s none of your business and you don’t even know what’s going on in there.

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