We Asked, WMATA Answered

We wanted to know if and how WMATA plans to address sexual harassment on the DC trains and buses.  So we asked during their “Metro LunchTalk Online” with General Manager John Catoe.

Photo by dbking via flickr

Photo by dbking via flickr

Us: We have heard multiple sexual harassment stories occurring on the Metro trains and buses. Check out http:hollabackdc.wordpress.com for more information. Does WMATA have any plans to raise awareness about this problem?

Reply: Hello Washington. It is Metro’s goal to operate our buses and trains in a manner that is free from all forms of harassment. There are postings at each of our employee locations that expound on our sexual harassment policy and clearly state that sexual harassment is illegal, discriminatory, and prohibited. In regards to our employees, we deeply regret if anyone has made remarks or gestures which were deemed inappropriate. Please acquire their names, date and time of the incident and report it to our customer service department at 202-637-1328, and the matter will be investigated. Obviously we have less control at the general public level. However, any actions that are believed to be inappropriate should be reported to Metro employees, the phone number listed above, Metro Transit Police or to the local municipality police where the incident occurred.

What we still want to know – why are there no PSAs regarding sexual harassment in the trains and buses?


8 responses to “We Asked, WMATA Answered

  1. Get the name of a sexual harasser? Good luck what that John.

  2. Golden Silence

    I still get a feeling that they’re skirting around the issue. Come on, WMATA! Take control!

  3. They defiantly are. Once again, we were only told how we should report incidents NOT what WMATA plans to do about this problem.

  4. I feel like it’d be pretty easy for a harasser to give you the name of someone else — possibly a disliked coworker? — if you ever asked him for his. Ugh, what an excellent non-answer.

  5. Golden Silence

    Melissa, back in 2007 when I reported my harassers, I got the name of one of them from the nameplate he was wearing, but since it was a first initial with a last name (it was unfortunately a common last name), but when I reported it the WMATA representatives acted like they didn’t know how to narrow it down. Come on! I gave time, date and location and they acted like they couldn’t use that to help narrow who the one offender was?! Get real!

    I want Catoe and company to start taking action and to stop giving rehearsed answers.

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