“He had no right to touch me…”

Photo by randomduck via flickr

On my way home I change trains at Metro Center. As I was exiting one train the man sitting in the disabled seating poked me on the arm. I thought I must have dropped something, and he was trying to get my attention to tell me. However, when I looked up at him all he said was, “That’s a pretty dress.” It seemed weird, but I couldn’t tell if I should be offended or not, so I just said, “Thanks,” and got off the train. I kept contemplating whether or not it was strange that he had done that; I feel like I’m primed to see harassment everywhere I go because of some of the work I do and because I read this website. After talking with some other female friends of mine I was assured that this was, in fact, weird. He had no right to touch me whether it was to deliver a compliment or otherwise.

Location: Metro Center

Submitted by JS

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