Cutie Pie = NOT Your Pie

I am exiting Brookland Metro, feeling good that my jury duty was served and I could go back to my normal life. Unfortunately, normal involves being sexually harassed. At the fare gates, the guy at the gate next to me said “Hey, cutie pie” all casually. I have had a long day, am feeling tired, and am sick of all these men doing and saying whatever they want to me!

I tried to get his photo, but it came out blurry. However, I got a pretty clear video of him. I confronted him and told him I didn’t want NOR DID I NEED compliments from some random fool I didn’t know. All the time he’s cheesing for the video, waving, smiling and still throwing unwanted compliments my way.

Right before the video cuts off, he says I was “wrong,” and after it cuts off he tells me I don’t know the meaning of harassment.  “Harassment is unwanted attention from men I don’t know!” I responded.

Though I felt good about getting this fool on video, him walking away still laughing, smiling, and confident that he knocked a woman down and made her self-conscious just pissed me off.

And my day isn’t even over yet—I have to head out to the dreaded “Harassment Hill” this evening. I hope I don’t have anymore stories to submit later this evening!

Location: Brookland Metro

Submitted by D

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2 responses to “Cutie Pie = NOT Your Pie

  1. “Harassment is unwanted attention from men I don’t know!”

    how does a man know when it’s welcomed or unwanted? never?

  2. Golden Silence

    Unless you know a woman, it’s best to leave her alone. I’m one of those women who doesn’t want to be bothered with strange men. Commuting on Metro or the streets is not the time or place to try to hit on a woman.

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