The Ogler

I was on a bus going by the corner of 15 and U Streets. As it waited for passengers to unload and load, I saw a man standing near the corner but not at the stop, ogling women as they walked past. As far as I could tell, he wasn’t saying anything. But as women caught his eye, he was not at all shy about touching his crotch through his pants and smiling wider, as if delighted to find he was aroused.

This is him on the right:

Photo by Mazzie

Location: 15th & U

Submitted by Mazzie

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2 responses to “The Ogler

  1. Golden Silence

    I was having a discussion with co-workers last night about why men who do this (pleasuring themselves in public while making women uncomfortable), and we don’t get it. There’s no clear-cut answer! My co-workers felt it was because of the thrill these men get while wondering if they’ll get caught, and I thought it was because men who do this just aren’t wired right, are over-sexed and have no sense of decency.

    Whatever the reason for this happening so frequently, it’s disgusting and needs to stop!

  2. I am not sure. It seems like it must be some extension of privilege. I do think a lot of men feel a sense of entitlement to women’s bodies, whether it’s ogling, taking upskirt/downblouse photos unawares, groping, or assault. this privilege comes with the excuse that women must like it or they wouldn’t dress that way, or walk down that street, or whatever else.
    I don’t know how to express to people who mindlessly assert privileges to the detriment and humiliation of others that they are doing actual harm. I don’t know how to instill in people the irrefutable link between respect and well being.

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