“Do not touch me!”

Photo by IntangibleArts via flickr

Soooooo… At about 9 pm this past Friday I was walking from the U St area to Woodley Park to go to a friend’s birthday party, and the last leg of the journey was crossing the Duke Ellington Bridge. There was a guy coming from the other direction and he was probably around 18-20 yrs old. I felt and saw him staring at me but was on the phone and thought that that might be a deterrent in him approaching me. I was wrong. I also tried walking farther away from him on the sidewalk but that didn’t stop him either. As he walked by me he grabbed my arm and he slid his hand down to my wrist. I’m not exactly sure now what he said to me because my brain flashed red with anger, but I’m sure it was something really original, either “Hey Baby” or “How you doin”. I somewhat yelled, “Do not touch me!” and he replied with an ever-so-witty, “Oh, she said don’t touch me”. So I repeated loudly, “That’s right, I said don’t touch me!” It wasn’t Shakespeare , but I’m glad I at least said something. But really??!! You’re really going to physically touch me?? Really???!! The sad thing is this is not the first time I’ve been randomly touched walking down the street in DC.

Location: Duke Elligton Bridge

Submitted by B

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