Raising Awareness at Bus Stops

Last week we received a tip about this new anti-abuse bus stop ad. We are especially intrigued by the brilliant fusion of technology in Amnesty International’s new campaign.  We know from recent stories that abuse is happening at DC bus stops.

According to Gizmodo, Amnesty International posted the ad in Hamburg, Germany. When you look the photo it is a picture of a happy couple but when you look away the guy punches the woman.

The billboard works by scanning its proximity with an eye-tracking camera, which triggers an image switch on the display panel when it senses someone looking at it. The change only occurs after a brief delay, so that observers understand what’s going on, and get the message. [Gizmodo]

Do you think DC would benefit from an ad campaign like this one?


2 responses to “Raising Awareness at Bus Stops

  1. Good to raise awareness, but I doubt a bus poster will deter violence.

    More useful would be if MPD hired more women. Women are more likely to respond to domestic violence calls and handle them in an appropriate fashion, and female officers are probably more sympathetic to women reporting street harassment.

    • From our knowledge, gender doesn’t necessarily influence they way police react to domestic violence/public sexual harassment. Police, like most institutions, take these issues seriously if the top level management take it seriously. Women officers do get pigeon-holed into dealing with gender based issues, but it shouldn’t be that way. Every officer, regardless of gender, should respond in the same way to any gender-based crime.

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