Court House Masturbater

Picture by Mike Disharoon via flickr

Picture by Mike Disharoon via flickr

As I was approaching the second set of escalators to exit out of the Court House Metro station, I spotted a homeless man standing in front of the escalators. Many people were having to go around him, and then i noticed something which at first appeared to be him scratching his genital area. However that was NOT what he was doing. Admittedly, I stared a few seconds longer and realized he was masturbating right there in front of everyone. I was so repulsed and wanted to vomit. Luckily that station is right next to the police station.

I quickly ran up the remaining escalator and walked quickly to the police station, but after several attempts I couldn’t get in because the intercom wasn’t working (after hours you can’t just waltz in and instead have to push an intercom button and be buzzed in.)

So, i called 911, told them the situation and they said they would send officers over. I didn’t go back to see if they did, but hopefully that guy is gone.

Location: Court House Metro

Submitted by SLS

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