“Makes me wonder…”

Photo by Poldavo (Alex) via Flickr

Photo by Poldavo (Alex) via Flickr

Two police officers were conducting traffic at 10th and Franklin this (last Friday) morning because last night’s storm caused a power outage in that traffic light. As I walked past one of the officers, he said “Those fools are always saying ‘Hey, baby’ or ‘Hey, cutie’ to every woman that walks by.” I didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation because I continued to walk, but that makes me wonder if the police are aware of the rampant street harassment in DC and if they’re doing anything about it. That officer had a tone of annoyance with these men and concern for the women in his voice, from the bit of conversation I heard. I hope he is one of those who is actually doing something about stopping harassment.

Location: 10th Street NE & Franklin Street NE

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