Drum Circle

Photo by Daquella via flickr

Photo by Daquella via flickr

On Sunday, I went to the drum circle at Malcolm X Park with some friends. I saw this older man in overalls go up to one of my friends and walked over to see what was going on, we get harassed in some manner every week. He sees me walk up and immediately yells “what are you staring at, bitch! ya, dumb slut. can’t a guy talk? fuck off!” I told him he needed to leave and he got in my face. He was so close I could smell the beer on his breath. He kept saying things that were inappropriate and that I needed to just loosen up. I stared him down and kept repeating that he needed to move on. He finally backed down and walked off chuckling but turned back around a couple of feet away and started yelling that I needed to masturbate.

Obviously that’s my issue. If only I masturbated more, this wouldn’t be a problem…..

Location: Malcolm X Park

Submitted by Meg

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