My DC Experience

I moved out of DC about a year ago, but am still greatly relieved to have found this site. It has helped me process many of the unfortunate experiences that came with–horror–being a woman in our nation’s capital. And even to take away a little of the residual sadness, shame, and fear.

I hope your efforts are publicized as much as humanly possible.

To the women in DC: You have friends across the country. And I continue to dream of a world in which our daughters will grow up to experience their sexuality without shame, without fear, and without the psychological and physical warfare being waged against us on so many levels.

Thank you for continuing the fight.

Location: Everywhere

Submitted by Ex-DCer

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One response to “My DC Experience

  1. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. And yes, not just in DC but all over the world we are allies against street harassment.

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