“Hey, Sex-ayyy!”

Photo by Moravsky Vrabec via flickr

Photo by Moravsky Vrabec via flickr

This is the same person who submitted “It is NOT a compliment.” Yesterday was the last straw for me in dealing with the harassment I’ve dealt with.

I was coming home from work and from going out searching for boxes, and I was tired. I was lugging a couple of boxes I found and just wanted to get into my place. There was this white car parked across the street from my place filled with guys who looked like trouble. Dealing with harassment far too often, I have a sixth sense when I can sense it going to happen, and it did.

“Hey, sex-ayyy!” one of the guys in the car said. I’d had enough!

I went up to the car (as close as I could without getting too close) and said, “I am sick and damn tired of being harassed by guys like you EVERY DAMN DAY!”

“Shorty, why you trippin’?” one of the guys said.
“Because I’m sick of being treated like a damn piece of meat!” I snapped. “I can’t walk down the street without useless fools like you talking to me—every damn day! I’m sick of it!”
“We ain’t mean no disrespect,” another one of the guys said.

That pissed me off. Guys like that don’t know a thing about respect!

“Bullshit!” I snapped. “Calling me ‘Shorty,’ ‘Boo,’ ‘Slim,’ ‘Sex-ayyyy!’ or any other made-up name IS DISRESPECTFUL!”
“What we gonna call you if we ain’t know your name?” one of the guys said. The rest were laughing. Also, a woman who was outside watering her lawn was laughing too. I couldn’t tell if it was at me for being harassed or with me for telling those guys off.

“You need to learn how to leave women the fuck alone!” I snapped.
“Man, shit, you buggin’,” one of the guys said. The driver put his foot on the pedal and drove off.

I apologized to the woman watering her lawn for causing a scene (yet she continued to snicker about it), but I don’t know why I should have to apologize when the men who harass me daily need to apologize. I want to know what planet is it normal to refer to a woman as “Sex-ayyy!” or “Shorty” instead of “Miss” or “Ma’am.” I still can’t get over the notion that these guys saw nothing disrespectful in how they addressed me.

I move to the suburbs tomorrow, and I am praising the highest heavens that I am almost free from this nonsense.

Location: Across the street from my place in NE DC

Submitted by Anonymous

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5 responses to ““Hey, Sex-ayyy!”

  1. Congrats on the move…and being assertive enough to stick up for yourself. As a former DC resident, now proud ‘burbs girl, I can guarantee you that those sorts of interactions really don’t happen…ever. Enjoy 🙂

  2. hey, i’m really interested in writing a story about d.c. women who have considered—or actually completed!—a move partially based on the harassment in their neighborhood. Anonymous and Jenny, if you’d be interested in talking with me about it, e-mail me: ahess@washingtoncitypaper.com

  3. That’s ridiculous, Jenny. I lived in the burbs of DC growing up and have lived in the actual city for 5 years. While the harrassment is less, there are still harrassers in the suburbs. Just look at this blog, several of the entires cite the burbs!

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