Street Harassment from NYC to DC

I live in DC now, but when I came across this site I thought about all the times this happens to me.

I went to college in NYC. One night I had a car full of young men roll down the windows and start with the, “Hey Mommy! How you doin?” stuff. I was at a gas station, with a group of people, the other people ignored them and walked ahead. I said the the car of men, “What do you think you’re going to get from me for that? What do you want, a date? hahahaha You aren’t going to get a date with a woman like that.”

I don’t think they believed I actually stopped to talk to them. They proceeded to say things like, “Oh… well… how else we gonna get you to talk to us?” Trying to explain that they better find a better way to go about it.

I don’t do that often because I rarely feel like I’m in a safe situation where that is a logical thing to do. Now, here in DC, I walk past a bunch of leering men every time I walk to my apartment building. In the daylight, with other people around, I sometimes just leer back… hoping to make them feel uncomfortable for staring. If they don’t, and they say something, or give me the eyebrow, I just roll my eyes and give a disgusted look and keep walking. What else can we do?

Submitted by B.S.

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One response to “Street Harassment from NYC to DC

  1. The street harassment I’ve dealt with when visiting NYC is mild and not as often as the mess I’ve dealt with in DC. I felt safer walking at midnight in NYC than I do walking at noon in DC. However, wherever and whenever harassment happens is still annoying, though.

    The guys in your scenario make no sense to me. They honestly can’t think that yelling stupid crap out of a car actually works. What are they trying to gain from that? Sigh.

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