Event Announcment: Happy Hour for DC Advocates

Happy Hour for young professionals who work in on DC!

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Old Dominion Brew House

1219 9th St. NW (near Mt. Vernon/Convention Center Metro stop)


There are lots of “young professionals” in DC, but we all know that most of them work on national issues, or for the federal government, or some other non-DC topic. It’s a select but passionate minority that has either consciously or circumstantially fallen into a role working on things that affect DC residents.

Some of us from DC-focused non-profits, government agencies, or social service organizations thought it’d be great to try and bring together this group of folks for a happy hour – so that’s what we’re doing!

Whether it’s health care, housing, poverty, hunger, homelessness, education, environment, politics, or another advocacy topic, you’ve dedicated some part of your professional time to helping to improve life in the District.  And you’ve also probably had to deal with intense work environments, crazy hours, tough budgets, and under-appreciation. Well, we can’t do anything to fix that right now, but we can at least offer to commiserate over a beer!

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