“Oh, you don’t like that?”

I was walking down P street from Dupont heading to the grocery store. I saw the man sitting on the stairs of a house near the bus stop, and I just got that feeling – he’s gonna say something. Sure enough, he wolf-whistled and said, “Hey Sexy.” Without stopping, I said, loudly and harshly, “That’s really rude and you shouldn’t do it.”

He responded, “Oh, you don’t like that?”

“No. Nobody does.” I’m continuing to walk away, because it’s not my job to teach people manners when they don’t have them.

“Oh. I didn’t know that. Thank you for telling me. Come back and talk to me. Hey!” He continued to yell down the street at me as I walked.

Submitted by Anonymous on 9/27/2009

Location: P and 18th NW

Do you have a personal experience with gender-based public sexual harassment you would like to submit? Just click here and fill out the online submission form. All submissions are posted anonymously unless you specify.


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