Good Hair Day Gone Bad

Photo By madmack66 Via Flickr

Photo by madmack66 via Flickr

Some guy said to  me last night, “You have beautiful hair, do you spend a lot of money on it?” Then he tried to guess my ethnicity and failed miserably. When I finally said filipino he goes “Oh, i should have known. You look asian…but you have no accent.” WTF? What an ass.

Submitted by Anonymous on 10/15/2009

Location: Pentagon City Metro

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3 responses to “Good Hair Day Gone Bad

  1. I agree that he is an ass, but how is this sexual harassment?

  2. We agree the guy’s an ass. I think he was just trying to pick you up. Might he have been drinking?

  3. I think this encounter is indicative of the way people of color’s (especially women of color’s) racial and ethnic makeup is often thought of as the business of everyone, and personal inquiry and judgement is not seen as intrusive, rude, or offensive but rather flattering, a compliment, or that the offender was “just trying to pick you up”. I think this is an example of how raced gender oppression is, and the above two comments indicate how uncritical most people still are towards these screwed up dynamics (even those that frequent HB DC, I guess.)

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