Invasion of Space

Photo by asobitsuchiya via flickr

Photo by asobitsuchiya via flickr

My three roommates and I were coming back from a shopping trip, and got off at the Farragut West metro station. Two of my roommates ran across the street to a store while the other two of us stayed outside to watch our stuff. As we were standing there, a man approached us, and said “Yo, you ladies have beautiful hair. Can I touch your hair?”, and proceeds to start running his hands through both of our hair. He then looks at my roommate and says, “Wow you’ve got a booty on you!,” and grabbed her butt. He then starts to tell us what he would do to us if he had us in bed, and he had a friend who would do things equally as nasty to both of us. When I could get a word in I said, “Hey, our boyfriends are in that store and I’m sure they wouldn’t  be very happy if they saw you out here talking to us.” He turns, sees my two roommates who happen to be leaving the store at the exact same time, said “Fuck you, you fucking bitch,” grabbed my roommates hair again, and then walked away.

Submitted by B.E. on 10/19/2009

Location: Outside Farragust West metro station

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One response to “Invasion of Space

  1. His violating your personal space makes you a “fucking bitch”?! That guy puts the “L” in “loser.” What a creep.

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