What is your opinion? We want to hear your ideas!

Last week, we received this comment under Help our Holla Back Sisters out regarding technology use and reaching undeserved populations.

I love this idea but have one main concern – this sort of technology based action always excludes lower-class and technologically illiterate women. What (if anything) will be done to insure that this map doesn’t just map the harassment of middle/upper class women in NYC, but ALL women in NYC?

This is something we have thought about a lot at Holla Back DC! We are consistently thinking about ways to ensure we are reach diverse populations as we discuss ways to take our activism offline. We would love to hear your thoughts…What can we do to reach all classes of women and ensure that we don’t just reach middle/upper class individual in DC? Post a comment or email us at dchollaback@gmail.com


4 responses to “What is your opinion? We want to hear your ideas!

  1. Passing out flyers and putting up posters in different neighborhoods is a good idea.

  2. To piggyback on my previous idea, putting posters on those community walls in the library is another thought that came to mind. A lot of lower-income people use the computers in the libraries, so if they had a street harassment problem they could go to their local library and log on to HBDC! there.

  3. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. One of the goals of the Hollaback! project is to democratize holla’ing back. While lower-income folks do not have as frequent of access to computers and rarely read blogs, 87% of the low-income folks that I work with (I work for an anti-poverty org. in addition to Hollaback) have a cell phone. Studies show that minorities and low-income folks are more likely to access the internet from their cell phone than more privileged folks. By moving the Hollaback model off the computer and onto the cell phone we are making it possible for more women to Hollaback! I should also note that once we get funded and pilot in New York City, we hope to expand worldwide. There are already 19 Hollaback blogs worldwide, we hope our new project will reach the same success!

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