Facebook Groups that promote “National Ass Grabbing Days”.

Photo by FaceMePLS via Flickr

We became aware of a group on Facebook that is promoting National Grab an Ass Day on Facebook via Feministing Community:

Maybe it’s just that I’m still pissed off at the guy on the bus today that kept touching my ass, but coming home to see this event invite on my Facebook account just blows me away:

It’s “Grab an ass day” – supposedly slated for this Thursday. I’ve reported it to the Facebook authorities, whoever they may be, though I encourage everyone else to do the same. This event needs to be shut down!

Upon a search is appears this particular group as been forced down.  However, there are 16 more, several of which are new.  One group states National Grab an Ass Day is on December 4th:

this day has been celebrated for so many years. ever our founding fathers celebrated it. so the point of this national holiday is to grab as many asses as possible. and ur not allowed to get mad at anyone that grabs ur ass.

Seriously? Grab as many asses as possible and you are not allowed to get mad if someone grabs your ass? That statement blows us away. Further, each of these groups is listed as “Just for Fun”.  Since when did street harassment become a fun game?

Another says:

grab an ass boys and girls

febuary 13
march 13
april 12
may 7

Here is another one that claims Grab an Ass Day is on December 30th.

And yet another says Grab an Ass Day is every Monday.

We are reporting these groups to Facebook with the hope that Facebook will condone the perpetuating street harassment and we hope our readers do the same.


18 responses to “Facebook Groups that promote “National Ass Grabbing Days”.

  1. they can’t agree on the dates because really every day is “grab an ass day”. like we need an official title for daily harrassment! thanks douchebags!

  2. If this Thursday is “Grab an ass day,” does that make Friday “File a Lawsuit Day?”

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  4. Here is the link to the event mentioned on Feministing Community: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=318061080122&ref=nf. We were unable to open it before so we thought Facebook took it down. We were wrong. There are over 20,000 people who say they are going to grab an ass tomorrow.

  5. Like with yesterday’s “Catcaller Zero,” who is the person to start this nonsense going around? Goodness!

  6. We just reported the event. If you report it let us know!

  7. You know I reported it! Hopefully others will follow suit.

  8. If others are reporting it too and Facebook leaves it up, that’s just shameful!

  9. submitted a report!

  10. I reported it!

  11. Thanks everyone who has been reporting the event. Keep reporting and letting Facebook know that this it not OK and that it perpetuates the norms that allow gender-based sexual harassment to occur. Even though we know of at least 15 people who have reported it, Facebook has allowed the event to stay up.

  12. I guess this explains why some random looking college aged guy grabbed my ass on the metro today and then ran away yelling sorry.

  13. It’s just harmless fun amongst school kids who think it’s macho to touch a girl, why not just let them act idiots in school where they can actually get away with it.

  14. okay. so i’m reading this really late. but just because it’s grab an ass day, doesn’t mean it’s only guys grabbing girls asses. I, a 17 year old FEMALE, grab my friends asses on a daily basis. but that’s just who i am. doesn’t mean i’m sexually harassing them. and if they have a problem with it, they tell me, and i stop. but seriously. GET OVER IT. point blank. it’s going to happen whether you report it or not. -.-

  15. I’ve seen people from my school rsvp to “national touch a titty day” on facebook. i hate it! this is why i wont date any of the guys at my school. they think its so cool, but really they’re perverts. facebook needs to monitor these!

  16. getoverit — just wow! I believe the children are our future? Folks, we’re in trouble. Girl, boy whatever. You don’t consider touching someone else’s body sexual harassment? If you and your little friends do it to one another, kudos. Just like rape is going to happen whether or not you report it. Just like discrimination of any kind is going to happen whether you report it or not . Heaven help the person that was ever molested and has someone grab a titty or ass. Oh yeah I forgot — they should just get over it and not even bother reporting it to the authorities. Because lets face it, it will happen again.

    Sad ~

  17. What really fascinates me is the desire to literally censor/ban this group. If it offends you, ignore it or do a press release. Not that this comment will get published, proving my point.

    This group isn’t promoting male on female grabbing exclusively. It could be male on male, female on male, or female on female. And probably mostly between friends. Don’t you all have some Danish cartoon to protest as well?

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