“I’ve Got Some Room on My Lap”

Photo via daniel.sound via flickr

The other night I was walking down L & 21st street with my friend. It was about 11 pm and we had just come from dessert, both of us dressed for a night of hanging out and doing pretty much nothing. Then, out of no where, a black SUV pulls up right beside us and rolls downt he window. The car was full of about 5 guys, in their late 20’s/early 30’s, hollering to us. “Hey baby, I’ve got some room on my lap”, “why don’t you girls just come over here and show us a good time”, among other comments. We began to speed up and grabbed each others arms. Then, as we sped up, the car continued to follow us. I got so sick of it, after about a block, that I turned their direction and yelled “Shut up!” at the top of my lungs. I just stood there for a second and they stoped talking. Then they drove off as fast as they possibly could, as my firend and I gave them the finger. I was repulsed but proud of myself.


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