Are you a male ally? Holla back!

We know from our work, the experiences we receive, and comments that there are some amazing male allies in DC. Are you one of them? Help us understand how to best reach boys and men and engage them in the fight against street harassment by taking this short survey from fellow anti- street harassment activist, Holly.

From Holly at Stop Street Harassment Blog:

I am writing a book on street harassment. In the second half of the book, I focus on various ways that women and men can – and are – fighting this issue and working to stop all street harassment.

After attending a panel yesterday for work on organizations that are engaging men as allies in ending gender-based violence around the world, I was inspired to write a short, informal, anonymous survey for male allies where they can share their thoughts specifically on how best to reach men on this issue and engage them in ending it.

Male allies, please take a few minutes and share your thoughts on this topic:


One response to “Are you a male ally? Holla back!

  1. I took the survey (as a female perpetually street-harassed. ) Thanks for setting this up!

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