A Success Story!

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We received this comment under Harassing on the Clock but we wanted to showcase it in its own post to show that holding employers responsible for employees who harass while on the job can be successful.  Congrats to this commentator for reporting her catcallers!  We also give a BIG thank you to Lauriol Plaza for taking street harassment seriously.

I absolutely believe in holding employers ‘responsible’ for employees who harass while on the clock or in uniform. As law enforcement and transit authorities won’t take harassment complaints seriously, employers are about the only authority willing to take action to sanction the offender.

I live in Dupont Circle, very near to Lauriol Plaza; and I walk by their valet parking every day. And every day, without fail, I would be catcalled by the valets on duty.

I’d finally had enough, and on a busy Friday night pushed through the crowds to demand to speak to a manager. I spoke to the owner, told him I was a neighbor and that I knew that he did his best to be a good neighbor, but the behavior of his valet attendants was ruining the restaurant’s reputation in the neighborhood.

In the weeks since, I have not heard a single catcall on my way home. The change was immediate, and the behavior has not yet returned.

I had thought that it would take more than one complaint. I had assumed I would have to go on a one-woman tirade, posting complaints about the restaurant on every community blog and yelp review to prove to the restaurant’s owner that employees who harass women would damage the restaurant’s reputation.

But reputation is money to business owners and it took only one polite complaint to the restaurateur before Lauriol Plaza instituted a strict anti-harassment policy. I’m happy to say that they have been great neighbors ever since.

Location: Lauriol Plaza

Submitted on 12/7/2009

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