Only one day left to vote for Hollaback 2.0!

There is only one day left to rate Hollaback 2.0.  If Hollaback 2.0 wins the Knight News Challenge we will be working with Hollaback NYC and RightRides to launch Hollaback 2.0 in DC!

Photo by kiwanja via flickr

Hollaback 2.0 uses technology to allow individuals to directly report street harassment incidents from their cell phones through texting, tweeting, or a mobile phone app. Not only will this make it easier for you to report gender-based public sexual harassment when it happens or you see it happen, we will also use the information to develop safety reports, raise awareness on street harassment in DC, and advocate for better policies on our public transportation.

So please take a minute to register, rate the project, and spread the word so we can make this amazing initiative a reality!

Thank you for your continued support!


3 responses to “Only one day left to vote for Hollaback 2.0!

  1. am unable to rate it? after registering tried various browsers, etc. and ??

    • well, we just contacted HB NYC and they made it to the second rounds. yeah! therefore, they aren’t sure if people can still vote, but they want us to keep the post up in case it was a tech glitch. keep trying and THANK you!

  2. Thank you everyone for voting! Hollaback 2.0 has made it to the second round!

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