What a year it has been! And, boy, do we need an excuse for a break. We will be on hiatus till early January. That doesn’t mean that street harassment stops or that you can’t submit your experience(s). We thought we would also take this time for some navel gazing. Enjoy!

A Look Back to 2009

Wow, this has been quite the year! It started off quietly, until January 29. That’s the day that we met to make Holla Back DC! a reality. Who knew that conversations over a pot of tea, salty oat cookies, and seaweed salad would get us to where we are now. Here’s a look back on this year:

  • Since our first post in March, we have collected over 300 street harassment experiences and had over 100,000 blog visitors
  • In April, we had our launch party at an institution known as a place where patron experience sexual harassment from other patrons. We raffled off gifts from Defend Yourself, Creatuitive Coaching, Rhonda’s Cupcakery, and Yong Studios. Over 50 people attended and we started talking about all the ways we could take our activism offline and build a community dedicated to addressing public sexual harassment
  • From June to August, HBDC! met with over 20 local activists and organizations addressing gender-based violence to figure out the needs of the community.
  • Through WIN’s Women Opening Doors for Women in June, HBDC! facilitated a dinner on street harassment at the house of the Director of Women’s Policy & Initiatives in the DC Mayor’s Office, Niambi Jarvis.
  • In August, HBDC! conducted two workshops with a wonderfully supportive audience- DC Rape Crisis Center’s hotline volunteers.
  • In September and November, we partnered with S.A.L.S.A. to provide two workshops on addressing street harassment and community-based solutions on ending street harassment.
  • During October, we presented at the American University’s Pubic Anthropology Conference where we discussed street harassment and grassroots organizing.
  • From September to December, we worked with George Washington University interns in social media, outreaching to the LGBTQ communities, and event planning. We brought in experts in various fields to talk to them about technology, empowerment, the international movement on street harassment, and the theories of self-defense. Last week, our wonderful interns organized a bake sale at GWU, where they raised $70 for HBDC! and passed out over 100 fliers on street harassment. We are proud of the movement our six amazing interns have started on campus and we will miss them.

We couldn’t do this work without the fiscal and emotional support of the DC Metro community. Through your connections, we’ve met amazing individuals, potential mentors, and excited donors. We are in the process of incorporating and becoming a 501(c)(3) in order to increase our efforts and bring more of the programs we have heard you all say DC wants and needs to make this metro area public sexual harassment and assault free.

Give the Gift of Safety

We are delighted (and hope you are too), that our sisters and brothers in New York City are assisting us in making the communities’ needs a reality! Right Rides wants to help us expand by bringing their amazing program to DC. Let’s give DC residents a choice in how they travel, with the option of a safe, free ride on Friday and Saturday nights.

Let’s make the DC metro area safer by giving the gift of safety this season by donating to Right Rides. Every penny counts, no matter what the amount of your donation is, you can help us reach our goal of $500! Click here.

We look forward to what the New Year has to offer.  Here is to many more safe walks, rides on the Metro and bus, and engaging conversations to end public sexual harassment and assault in the Washington, DC metro.

From the HBDC! family to yours, happy holidays!  We’ll see you in early January!


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