A Call for Male Allies

A few weeks ago we posted about the call for applications for Man Up, an International Summit to be held in South Africa this summer!

We have two HBDC! male allies are interested in attending and we need two more men to join their team and apply with them. If you are interested please email us at dchollaback@gmail.com and we will connect you these two amazing young men.

About the Summit

Delegates will leave the summit with a blueprint to create or scale-up self-designed projects addressing violence against women in their own communities. We will support their plans over the next five years with small seed grants, regional summits, technical support, and strong network development. These delegates will pave the way to what will become a global, youth-led movement to stop violence against women.


WHO: To be eligible, applicants must be age 18-30 and live in any of our 50 Man Up countries. Four delegates per country will attend the summit together with renowned human rights leaders, educators, artists and athletes.

WHERE: Johannesburg, South Africa

WHEN: summer 2010 on the occasion of the World Cup

For more information check out the Man Up website.


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