Donating to Haiti Relief

We donated money to help with the Haiti relief efforts and with all the information floating around out there we wanted to provide our readers with a list of  reputable organization that you can donate to (hat tip to @aliciasanchez via INCITE!)

Women’s Groups in Haiti
Dwa Fanm (means Women’s Rights in Creole)

Hôpital Albert Schweitzer

The hospital is located in central Haiti (Deschapelle) and was not hit by the earthquake.  As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have traveled there, on foot, seeking medical care.  The hospital is flooded with people, and the halls are literally full of dead bodies because there is simply not enough medicine to treat the people waiting in the halls.

General List folks Aid Groups To Send Resources To:
Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Partners in Health’s Sister Organization in Haiti – Zanmi Lasant Clinic

Partners in Health

Doctors Without Borders

Yele Haiti

Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti


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