Mural, Mural on the Wall

Photo by rsgranne via flickr

Photo by rsgranne via flickr

One of our year long dreams has been to find ways to use art to raise awareness about public sexual harassment in DC.  So a few weeks ago when we attended Social Justice Camp, we knew we had to go to Regina Holliday’s workshop on Social Media and the Arts.

We were so inspired by her story and we walked away knowing that it is time for an anti-public sexual harassment mural.  And what could be a better place for our mural then in one of the “high harassment zones” we’ve identified through this blog?  So we emailed our our friend Josef who recently started the Columbia Heights Arts Foundation (CHARTS) to ask him what he thought about collaborating on this project to get a mural in the Columbia Heights Neighborhood.  Then we emailed a couple of our friends in the artist community and got them on board.   Now we are asking you, the community, to get involved.   This mural can only happen if we have the support of the community, artists, and volunteers.

What we need: a private wall in the Columbia Heights/U street neighborhood.  If you have any ideas or contacts, let us know!

We’ll need artist, individuals interested in helping us fund raise, and folks who want to help us find private wall space somewhere in the Columbia Heights/U Street neighborhood. Email us at if you are interested in volunteering to help with the HBDC!/CHARTS mural project.  If you are specifically  interested in painting or helping coming up with the concept, email Josef at When you email us, let us know what you are specifically interested in working on!


6 responses to “Mural, Mural on the Wall

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  6. Dope Idea! I’d love to help.

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