Join the Founders Circle

It takes angels to create change.  We are lucky that we have several, including Ben, who generously donated money to get us going with RightRides DC.  There are not enough words of gratitude to express how thankful we are to Ben for making our dream one step closer to reality and for his efforts in making this community safer for women and LBGTQ individuals.


In order to run RightRides DC for one full year and hire some to run the program, we need to raise at least $25,000.  To help us establish our non-profit status (which, btw, costs a lot!), do more trainings, hire a volunteer coordinator, and do grassroots organizing to end public sexual harassment and assault, we’ve created the Holla Back DC! Founders Circle.

From now until May 2010, any individual, organization, or business that makes a gift of $50 or more to Holla Back DC! will be recognized as a member of the Holla Back DC! Founders Circle.  Because we are fiscally sponsored by RightRides for Women’s Safety (until we have our own 501c3 status) all donations are tax deductible.

Find out more about the Holla Back DC! Founders Circle and make your donation through RightRides for Women’s Safety.

Thank you for helping us make grow Holla Back DC! None of this would be possible with out the generous financial support from individuals like Ben and, hopefully, YOU.


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