What to do? Part Three

Update from Colette:

I did not actually post to this site initially; just the stopstreetharassment site. An update. I posted to our local list serv which has 800 members and is monitored by elected officials and police. The mayor immediately responded to me and passed my information on to the Chief of Police, who then delegated down the chain of command.

And guess what? Nobody with the police department cares! It’s *not a crime* and I’ve been referred to the Public Relations officer for what sounds like General Safety Tips. They offered me nothing; they showed no interest in speaking to the other women involved or contacting the man, although I gave them his address. Do I have to wait till he assaults me?! Stalks me? I have no more energy for the police.

All it does is work me into an obsessive froth, making me feel helpless and frustrated and pissed off that they aren’t helping me. I have to come at this from other angles, which is bothersome in part because likely I am only helping me, not all the women this jackass bothers. I have this man’s name and address. I am thinking big notes on his front door [INSERT NAME: STOP SEXUALLY HARASSING LOCAL WOMEN WITH INAPPROPRIATE COMMENTS AND SOUNDS. WE DON’T LIKE IT. STOP IT.] after any time he says something to me.

See, the trouble is it’s hard to get in a good response in the moment because of his hit & run harassment approach. I wondered if putting a sign in the yard: [A Sexual Harasser Lives Here] is illegal. Yeah, probably. Such as with shoving him off his bike… the pleasure would only be momentary! I know I have to make harassing me unpleasant, to deprive him of his twisted pay-off. I want this public, as public as I can make it and still be legal. I have been surprised to slowly suspect/realize that people still think this is shameful – to the person being harassed! – and something one *keeps quiet.* People can afford to think it is no big deal until it is happening to them or someone they care about. I would put a letter in the local paper but I don’t want it lost amongst all the recent snow ruckus. I may have to wait.


3 responses to “What to do? Part Three

  1. I believe that what that man is doing constitutes assault. He is using what any reasonable person would consider “fighting words” and is therefore breaching the peace. And I believe that there are actually laws on the books in most municipalities about swearing publicly if women or children are present. I can see at least three laws they could charge him with, what kind of lazy cops/mayor/DA do they have in that town? Sheesh!

  2. I would put a letter in the local paper but I don’t want it lost amongst all the recent snow ruckus. I may have to wait.

    Colette, do it. This man needs to be shamed and embarrassed. The police also need to be held accountable for their lack of response in this.

  3. Personally I’d go with the stick in the spokes angle, but since you want to retain the (rightfully) higher ground, I’d agree with the above poster and encourage you to post a letter to the local paper.

    Warning signs along the bike/walking paths might also be helpful, especially if you could snap a picture of him on his bike…

    I’m sorry this has happened to you.

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