“I’m gonna walk you home.”

I was walking home from the Columbia Heights metro on 3/10/10 around 9:30 p.m. and I noticed a middle aged man walking really closely behind me. After about a block, he says, “Hey, girl.” I ignore him and walk faster, he catches up to me, “I’m gonna walk you home.”

At this point there are other people around so I stop and say, quite loudly, “No, you’re not. I don’t know you. Leave me alone.” He keeps talking to me, saying he’s a nice man, he’s not a bad guy. I say again, “Leave me alone. I’m not going anywhere until you walk away.” At this point, he says, “Is it because I’m African American? If it is, that’s too bad, because I am one of the nicest, most caring African American gentleman.” I say I’m sure that’s the case, but I don’t know him and I don’t make friends out of strangers at night when I’m walking home alone. He asks if he was too aggressive. I say again, I’m not going anywhere until he leaves, I’m not messing with a stranger at night. He finally says, “Alright, alright, that’s too bad, but I understand” and walks off.

Half a block away, an older man on a second story porch says, “Crazy guy, eh? I was watching! I would have been there.” Um, thanks, I guess?

Submitted by anonymous on 3/12/2010

Location: 14th & Spring Rd NW

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2 responses to ““I’m gonna walk you home.”

  1. Golden Silence

    I hate how this guy tries to play the race card. Dude, it’s not about you being Black, it’s about you not respecting the boundaries of a woman you don’t know, especially at night!

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