“You have beautiful hair.”

I was waiting for a bus towards Friendship Heights yesterday, and the traffic was slow. This guy in a brown van started telling me he loved my locs, that I had beautiful hair, who did my hair, and so forth, and he started making kissy faces at me. I gave him the “talk to the hand” (outdated, yet effective) and turned my head away. I then pull out my phone (the traffic was too slow for me to miss getting a photo of him) and he smiles, thinking I want his photo so I can admire how handsome he was. HELL NO! Did he not read the look of disinterest and disgust on my face? This man was clueless.
Out of all the people waiting for that bus at that stop yesterday, why was I singled out? Man.

Submitted by Anonymous on 3/26/2010

Location: M & 31st Street


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