Recapping Public Transit Awarness Month

Photo by frozenchipmunk via flickr

Since today is the last day of March, we want to recap what we learned over the last  month during Public Transit Awareness Month here at Holla Back DC!

  • We crunched the numbers from all the experiences we’ve received and discovered that sexual harassment is problem on our public transit systems in the DC metro area. However,  the problem is vastly under-reported, and when individuals do report incidents to authorities there are limited or no resources available and reports get pushed to side and ignored.
  • If you decide to report an incident to WMATA there are three ways to report.
  • DC’s public transit systems are WAY behind when it comes to educating individuals about sexual harassment and dealing with incidents.  We found three cities that the DC metro area could learn a few lessons from.
  • On a whole public transit systems do a poor job accounting for needs of women when considering ways to improve safety.
  • That public transit systems should study the theory of the Power of Context as a way to deal with crimes, including sexual harassment.

Just because March is coming to close does not mean we will stop talking about sexual harassment on our public transportation. We will continue to report on the problem and advocate for PSAs and improved sexual harassment policies. Holla back by helping us track the prevalence of public sexual harassment — submit your experiences (wherever they occur in the DC metro area).



3 responses to “Recapping Public Transit Awarness Month

  1. Vulgar harasser on the bus at Stop Street Harassment:

    Driver didn’t do anything to help.

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