Grabbing = No Rooftop Access

Disclaimer: Although this did not occur in DC, we had to share it!

As I’m walking up the stairs, some guy thought it would be funny to grab my ass. I turned around and he hid behind his friend with a stupid smirk on his face, so I made it a point to be as loud as I could about how he had no right to go near me. On top of the stairs was a security guard whom I told and as I turned around to see what happened with the jerk, the security guard was pulling him and his friend aside.

Not sure if they made it into the rooftop, but I felt pretty empowered that I said something, and the guard listened.

I’m not gonna lie, the reason why I reacted so quick and loudly is in huge part due to the stories I’ve read on Holla Back DC!

Submitted by JM on 4/5/10

Location: NYC Rooftop Bar

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One response to “Grabbing = No Rooftop Access

  1. Golden Silence

    JM, that’s awesome that you stood up for yourself and that the guard took action! Well done!

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