“That’s a beautiful dress…”

Last night, I was walking up to Giant to get a new SmarTrip card. I was the only lady in the vicinity. As I walked across the park, I could hear a gentleman walking behind me say “that’s a beautiful dress you’re wearing.” Without turning around, I said “shut up; I don’t care.” He persisted: “No, really, that’s just a wonderful dress. You look beautiful in it.” Still, with my back turned, I replied, “No, really. I said shut up.” At that point, two older gentleman I was passing at the bus stop busted out laughing at this poor sap’s failed attempts, which made me bust out laughing (still not turning around.) I heard the offending party join up with the amused parties to discuss who-knows-what as I kept walking.

Submitted by LCE  on 4/6/2010

Location: Lamont Park – Lamont & Mt. Pleasant St.

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2 responses to ““That’s a beautiful dress…”

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  2. Last time I heard “That’s a beautiful dress,” the statement ended “…Can I stick my head under it?” This was from a car at the stoplight as I was crossing the street. It was a beautiful dress, and now I can’t even wear it without thinking of that disgusting troll. I guess people get excited about nice days and can’t think of any other way to celebrate than being rude to strangers.

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