Teenage Spitter

On Sunday a random ass teenager spat on me as I was working to a board meeting for a nonprofit I work with. In such a moment, you let your feet go on auto pilot and contemplate the string of events leading to this moment. Then you call your friends to confirm that it’s not, in fact, letting the bastards win to take a shower. Then you call the police. Then you walk home, and take a very long shower, then a very long bath, then another very long shower. Then you wonder what you’ll tell the people you work with at the board meeting you just missed.

Submitted by MV on 5/20/2010

Location: GA and Colesville in Downtown SS

Do you have a personal experience with gender-based public sexual harassment or assault you would like to submit? Just click here and fill out the online submission form. All submissions are posted anonymously unless you specify.


2 responses to “Teenage Spitter

  1. Golden Silence

    Ugh…I am sorry that happened. These teens have nothing resembling respect anymore.

    I am not a fan of the downtown Silver Spring area. I went there a few times and got a feeling I just could not shake. I saw too many rowdy teens walking around unsupervised and other nonsense. People have told me “yeah, there’s harassment near the Metro, but once you’re away from it you’ll be okay!” That’s not enough reassurance for me.

    There area’s lively and there’s a lot to do there, but it’s not worth my safety and sanity.

  2. One word…terrorism. I hope somehting happens to that bastard

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