Delivery Truck Trouble

Photo by Bill Ward's Brickpile via Flickr

As I rounded the corner from K St on to 7th St NW last night, I saw a man getting ready to unload his delivery truck that was parked on the west wide of 7th. We made eye contact, and then as I passed, I heard him behind me, “Damn, baby. I thought you were coming to see me. Mmm, mmm.”

Submitted by Salem Pearce on 06/10/2010

Location: K St & 7th St NW

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3 responses to “Delivery Truck Trouble

  1. Golden Silence

    These men harass on the clock because they don’t have supervisors watching directly over them. If hidden cameras were installed in their trucks, there’d be more of a chance of these men being caught in the act.

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