The Awful Garbage Truck Greeting

Photo by Salim Virji via Flickr

I was walking out of my house to go to work – it was early and the weekly trash collection was that day. As I turned onto the sidewalk from my walkway, the garbage truck pulled up, the man collecting my trash stepped off, and in a very casual way said to me, “I’ve always wanted to f*ck a woman with short hair.”

By the time I realized what he’d said, he was gone. Just like that. Needless to say, I just felt kinda icky for the rest of the day.

Submitted by Anonymous on 6/11/2010

Location: 14th & U St NW

Time of Harassment:Morning Rush Hour (5A-9:30A)

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3 responses to “The Awful Garbage Truck Greeting

  1. Golden Silence

    Is he the regular pick-up guy? If so, try to catch his license plate next time and report him. He needs to concentrate on picking up the trash, not acting like trash!

  2. What a trash-hole! Do your job and don’t make lewd comments.

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